Media Roots Radio: NewsGuard & the Fake News Watchdog Racket w/ Whitney Webb of Mint Press News

In this special episode of Media Roots Radio, Robbie Martin interviews journalist and writer Whitney Webb about her recent ‘NewsGuard’ expose for Mint Press News. NewsGuard is the most recent iteration of the neocon/neoliberal/corporate agenda to soft-censor alternative news and status-quo challenging view points on the internet. First there was ‘Prop or Not’ then there was ‘Alliance for Securing Democracy’ now there is ‘NewsGuard’.

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Media Roots Radio: Trump’s Venezuela Coup, Democrats Running in 2020, MAGA Gaslighting

Abby and Robbie Martin talk about the ongoing US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela, where opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself president in an unprecedented act green-lit by the Trump administration. They also discuss the right wing media’s success in changing the narrative to victimize the Covington high school kids, and give an honest critique of the Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election.

More information:
Trump Expanding the Empire 
Abby’s Venezuela Reports

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Vegan Vanguard Podcast: The Great March of Return and Palestinian Resistance with Abby Martin

In this episode of Vegan Vanguard Podcast, Mexie interviews renowned journalist and activist Abby Martin on the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and on the recent and ongoing Great March of Return.

Abby explains the history and brutality of Israeli occupation and exposes the horrors of life on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank. We discuss her coverage of the protests in Gaza, the geopolitics that allow this illegal occupation to continue, and the ultimate unfeasibility of a two-state solution.

We end on a positive note with some of the successes of the BDS movement and what we can all do to fight for Palestinian rights.

Media Roots Radio: Is Trump Really Curtailing US Empire?

Abby and Robbie Martin wrap up 2018 by discussing bizarre holiday antics at the White House their favorite Christmas movies, Liz Wahl running for Congress, and how inhumane US border policy is literally killing kids. The second half of the episode they discuss the notion that Trump is “curtailing US empire” by withdrawing the troops he himself added from Afghanistan and Syria, despite expanding the US military to its largest size, while increasing bombing 400% and civilian casualties nearly 300%.

*Conversation about Trump’s troop withdrawal at 48:00

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Media Roots Radio: RIP W. Blum, George H.W. ‘Cop-A-Feel’ Bush’s Deadly Legacy, Israel’s Forced Self-Demolitions

Abby and Robbie begin this special 2.5 hour edition of Media Roots Radio by discussing the life and works of the late anti-imperialist journalist William Blum.

They then unearth the atrocious legacy of George H.W. Bush. From CIA director, to Reagan VP to President, Bush Sr. engineered the neocon cabal that continued under his son George W. Bush’s administration, and oversaw the Panama Invasion and Gulf War, both murderous enterprises that set the stage for permanent US wars in Latin America and the Middle East.

They close the show with a Palestine update about the Hollywood gala to raise money for the IDF, Palestinians being forced to “self-demolish” their homes, and tremendous local BDS successes.

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