Who Is To Blame For The Refugee Crisis?

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According to latest numbers, 60 million people have been displaced due to violence and inhumane poverty.

In recent months, a major humanitarian catastrophe has made its way into the news—tens of millions, the largest ever recorded by the United Nations, have been forced to take part in a life-threatening journey across land and sea.

While members of the establishment media have used terms such as “swarms” or “tide”, as though they were describing animals or pests, to describe these men, women, and children refugees continue to struggle so that they may gain access to basic human rights, such as stable shelter and food. Islamophobia has also crept its way into reports and into the mouths of politicians, some of whom are refusing to accept Muslim refugees.

Further burdening refugees who are making their way across Europe is the growing right wing. Germany’s National Democratic Party, a neo-Nazi organization, has been responsible for organizing arson at homes of refugees, and leading massive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim protests. If this wasn’t frightening enough, the NDP is also gaining footholds in the government.

Abby Martin takes us inside the refugee crisis, humanizing the victims, and exposing the parties and people who are using this humanitarian catastrophe in order to push a right wing agenda.


Who Is To Blame For The Refugee Crisis?


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One thought on “Who Is To Blame For The Refugee Crisis?

  1. Hello Abby,

    Great report like usual. However I disagree somewhat with your analysis of the “far” right. The capitalist far right is pushing for more and more immigrants. They are the one organizing the support marches. On one hand the empire plunders the rest of the word and then seeks to reuse the refugees as cheap labor in Europe. One in Europe they turn people from different backgrounds against each other. Europeans have been evicted from their apartments to make room for migrants. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has become a city where the indigenous Belgian population has become a small minority. People can’t take it anymore.

    There are some parties which are extreme right in the sens that they slander immigrants in order to deviate people’s anger from the real cause of the problem. That’s not the case of all nationalists. I don’t think it’s the case of Marine Le Pen. I’ve met here several times. I know she really cares for the people. She also accused the government of causing this crisis by waging proxy wars in Arab/Muslim countries. Unfortunately she has done an alliance with an extreme right party. She tried with another one, but they considered her too left wing…

    Bringing millions of people into Europe, like Mr Soros wants, isn’t the solution to the problem. This will lead to civil war (what “our” rulers probably want anyway). We have to stop this crazy capitalist system and help these people resettle in their homelands and rebuild them. This would even be much cheaper than destroying them with the WMD’s NATO uses. (money isn’t really my concern but it’s worth mentioning it).

    One of Marine Le Pen’s right arms asked me to work for him as an assistant and political adviser. I thinks that despite having strong disagreement and being extremely messy, I have a good understanding of politics. He may be right and that would be thanks to you and other people like you.

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