Abby Martin on the Gary Null Show

From the Gary Null Show: Abby Martin is one of our leading international voices among younger American journalists and media activists. She joins Gary Null to discuss the sanctions on Venezuela shutting down her show and the ongoing social media purge of dissident voices.  Check out their full interview about the propaganda war between corporate and independent media and the rising epidemic of online censorship.

In this clip, Abby talks about the problem with endorsing the “lesser of two evils” mentality in US elections and the imperative of internationalism.

Abby on the Insanity of “Lesser Evilism”


Project Censored: Abby Martin, Mike Prysner, and Kevin Gosztola

From Project Censored:

“On this Project Censored Show, Mickey Huff and Chase Palmieri continue their discussion regarding efforts to censor voices critical of the US empire from journalists to veterans and whistleblowers. They’re rejoined by Abby Martin of The Empire Files about online censorship and recent attacks of her work on TeleSUR; followed by Mike Prysner, a noted activist and veteran against the ongoing wars, who discusses his latest work on the Eyes Left podcast that encourages resistance within the military and offers counsel to people inside the military as well as support to veterans who want to speak out against imperial wars. The program continues with independent journalist Kevin Gosztola from about NSA whistleblower Reality Winner’s case and recent sentencing, the longest for unauthorized disclosure in US history.”

Listen here.

Media Roots Radio: Trump Dogwhistles QAnon, Russia Censorship Redux, Hijacking Free Speech

Robbie and Abby Martin talk about hospital attacks in Yemen, the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Maduro, the Patriot Prayer rally and conservative hijacking of “free speech” as a political issue, Facebook shutting down 32 Facebook pages it deems part of a Russian meddling operation, QAnon going critical mass and the Trump administration dogwhistling to his conspiracy base.

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Media Roots Radio: Interview w/ Barrett Brown on the Pursuance Project

Robbie and Abby Martin interview investigative journalist Barrett Brown about his body of work fighting the cyber-industrial complex and promoting the idea of open source collaboration. They discuss how his reporting on the Stratfor leak made him a target of the US empire and sent him to prison for five years, the trajectory of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, Reality Winner and the Pursuance Project, his new initiative to unite the efforts of activists, researchers and journalists.

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Media Roots Radio Interview with Kyle Kulinksi on New Atheism, DNC Implosion, Charlatan Trump

Abby and Robbie Martin interview Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk about why he differentiates himself from New Atheists like Sam Harris, Trump conning the Alt Right, Russia Gate censoring progressive voices and the implosion of the DNC on Media Roots Radio. Kyle is one of the only commentators keeping us sane in the Trump era, so please support his work!

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