Media Roots Radio: Embassy Takeover, Latest Front of US War on Venezuela with Anya Parampil

The ongoing US coup attempt in Venezuela came to a head recently after US officials raided the Venezuela embassy in Washington DC in a flagrant violation of international law. Five activists were arrested inside that made up the Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective, guarding the building from seizure by opposition goons. Abby and Robbie Martin talk to Anya Parampil, the journalist who was embedded inside the embassy for ten days, about the diplomatic war being waged as the latest front of US war in Venezuela.

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Abby Martin Speaks Out Against Venezuela Coup

Always an important topic on Media Roots, Empire Files and elsewhere, Abby Martin has had to step up her defense of Venezuela amid mounting pressure from the U.S. to intervene. Countering the narrative from MSM, the government, and U.S. corporations, Abby is fighting against the false narrative on Venezuela as the actions of the illegitimate coup attempt to wrest control of the nation and place it squarely in the hands of the U.S. Empire.

Abby Martin Calls Out Media Coverage of Venezuela on Project Censored Show

“Abby Martin discusses the absurdly disingenuous media coverage of the ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, where opposition leader Juan Guaido appointed himself president with the backing of the Trump administration on the Project Censored show on Pacifica Radio.”

Jimmy Dore Show – Venezuela Propaganda Debunked – People Are Against Coup

On the Jimmy Dore Show, Abby Martin and Mike Prysner discuss how Donald Trump unknowingly exposed the true desires of the U.S. intervention in Venezuela – buckets of oil. They also talk about the elaborate steps the U.S. has taken to drive Venezuela to the brink so that they can sweep in, ‘liberate’ and cash in on their investment.

Abby Martin appears on Al Jazeera

“On January 23, Juan Guaido, the head of the National Assembly, swore himself in as president, an office he has never run for, and the US and many other countries quickly announced that he is their man.

“I think 80 percent of Venezuelans have no idea who this man is. But he is very well-known in DC,” explains Abby Martin, host of The Empire Files. “We know that not only did [US Vice President] Mike Pence call Juan Guaido the day before he declared himself president but, in fact, the US government has been working with the opposition in Venezuela for decades.””


Vegan Vanguard Podcast: The Great March of Return and Palestinian Resistance with Abby Martin

In this episode of Vegan Vanguard Podcast, Mexie interviews renowned journalist and activist Abby Martin on the plight of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and on the recent and ongoing Great March of Return.

Abby explains the history and brutality of Israeli occupation and exposes the horrors of life on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank. We discuss her coverage of the protests in Gaza, the geopolitics that allow this illegal occupation to continue, and the ultimate unfeasibility of a two-state solution.

We end on a positive note with some of the successes of the BDS movement and what we can all do to fight for Palestinian rights.

Abby Martin at Project Censored’s 2018 Media Freedom Summit 2.0

“This week’s show presents speeches and conversation from Project Censored’s 2018 Media Freedom Summit 2.0

The first 2/3 of the show is from the keynote panel, then we hear part of the “News Abuse” discussion.

The panelists heard on the program are Abby Martin, Nora Barrows-Friedman, Eleanor Goldfield, John Collins, Nicole Eigbrett, and Steve Peraza. They address topics ranging from Palestine to Black leadership to the corporate press’ misleading portrayals of who the “Trump voters” were.”

Note: the video above is just Abby’s portion // Listen to more of the summit here.

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