Media Roots Radio: W Fakes Taking the Smallpox Vax & Project Bioshield on the Eve of War Pt 4

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Part 4 of the Media Roots Radio Smallpox Bioterror Hoax miniseries starts just 4 months before the launch of the Iraq war. In this episode Robbie lays out a litany of exclusively pulled TV archive clips, official US documents and official statements in late 2002 and early 2003 which make a strong case for the ‘pre-event’ Smallpox vaccination program playing a crucial (but memory-holed) role in the propaganda talking points deployed by the Bush administration for the war. Colin Powell mentions smallpox in his infamous UN speech about Iraq’s alleged ‘mobile biological weapons labs’ and the fear became so intense domestically that 40% of Americans polled at the time believed that a smallpox bioterrorism attack was ‘likely’. Part 1 of this miniseries is also unlocked but if you’d like to hear the entire miniseries (Part 2, 3, 5 & more) become a Media Roots Radio subscriber @ for as little as $5 to gain access.

Extra Materials:

Smallpox News Clips Video 1999 – 2006

the Smallpox Cache
[ documents compiled by Robbie Martin relevant to the smallpox story ]

2002 CDC Smallpox Vaccination Plan
[ the entire series of documents including revisions to the CDC’s smallpox bioterror response plan for state governments ] .

Part 1: the Wheel of Winter’s Darkness & Smallpox Bioterror Scares [UNLOCKED] .

Part 2: the Smallpox Doomsday Failsafe Scenario, 100s of Tons of Virus ‘Missing’

Part 3: the Smallpox Vaccination Rollout Begins, J. Hauer’s Biodefense Ploy, Iraq ‘May Have the Virus’.

Part 4: W Fakes Taking the Smallpox Vax & Project Bioshield on the Eve of War [UNLOCKED].

Part 5: Did NBC Reporter David Bloom Die From the Smallpox Vax? Scooter’s Japanese Spank Bank [COMING SOON].

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