Media Roots Radio: The International Order of Twelve Knights of Tabor, Militant Black Freemasonry [ Preview 2 ]

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The Freemasonic History of the United States VIII: 1880-1891

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20 years after the Civl War, save for a few rare instances of integration, Freemasonry across the country was still segregated into seperate black Prince Hall Lodges and causasian Blue Lodges. There was more recognition of black Prince Hall Freemasonry by the European grand lodges than there was from any white official Masonic body in the United States at this time. Particularly in the South, black Freemasons were not only up against an erasure of their Masonic charter by Southern white Masons but faced openly racist dehumanizing public deunciations from the highest white Masonic authorities in Mississipi and Missouri.

Some Prince Hall Freemasons expressed their abolitionist views using militant rhetoric pre-Civil War and others like Moses Dickson would claim he led an army of hudreds of thousands of slaves trained in secret to rise up against all slave owners. Organizations that were Freemasonic in nature but were paralell to Prince Hall like the International Order of Twelve Knights of Tabor had now grown to 100,000 members and other organizations like the Moorish Science Temple of America were about to emerge;

This is part of a larger in-depth history podcast series that covers the span of American Freemasonry and all of its associated occult and fraternal organizations from 1776 – 1900.


Writing, Editing, Production,
Research, Narration: Robbie Martin

Research Assistant: Amanda Compton
Additional Research: Laurie Kirchner
Additional Research: Daniel Wright

Original Music:

‘In the Gilded Halls’,
‘For Jahbulon, for Glory’ by: Alex Freer

‘Within the Damp Caverns’,
‘Grand Hall’ by: Eliza Mitchell

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The Freemasonic History of the United States VIII :

1: Weaving Spiders, the Cremation of Care, Clandestine Memphis Misraim Rites & Cagliostro
3 hrs 24 mins

2: The International Order of Twelve Knights of Tabor, Militant Black Freemasonry & Pope Leo XIII
3 hrs 58 mins

3: The Golden Dawn, Enochian Magic, Occult Sciences, Spiritualist Scams & Hoaxes
2 hrs 48 mins

4: The Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, Esoterika & the Legacy of General Albert Pike Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 33rd °
4 hrs 36 mins

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