Media Roots Radio: Amerithrax 20th Anniversary: St Petersburg Letters, Bruce Ivins’ Bilocation & the Anthrax Timeline

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Robbie Martin discusses the long memory-holed 2001 anthrax attacks on the 20th anniversary of the first murder, the death of American Media Inc employee Robert Stevens in Boca Raton, Florida (which took place on October 5th, 2001). 4 more would eventually die from inahalation anthrax after 5 envelopes were sent through the US postal service containing terroristic letters attempting to appear Islamic ( ‘ALLAH IS GREAT’ ) & high-grade weaponized anthrax spores. But what happened with all of those ‘hoax’ letters that contained fake anthrax? Who were those sent to? Were all these hoax attacks unrelated to the actual murders? Maybe not, as a batch of 3 ‘hoax’ letters was sent from St. Petersburg Florida with eerie and confusing similarities to the real anthrax letters sent by the named anthrax killer. Listen closely as Robbie breaks down the timeline of why these ‘hoax’ letters and their implications could potentially turn the entire FBI Amerithrax case against Bruce Ivins upside-down.

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ABC News Article abt St Petersburg Letters:

St Petersburg Times Archive Article abt Troxler Hoax Letter:

Howard Troxler Editorial:

Raw Photo of Howard Troxler Hoax Anthrax Envelope:

Comparison Photo of Hoax (H.Troxler) VS Real (NYpost) Anthrax Envelope:

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