Media Roots is Moving, Bear With Us!

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MEDIA ROOTS – Hey guys, thanks so much for bearing with our lag time while we move offices. We haven’t had much internet access other than our smart phones in the moving process. After our internet is installed this weekend and we start to catch up, a slew of coverage will follow! Thanks so much for your support and patience!


2 thoughts on “Media Roots is Moving, Bear With Us!

  1. It is my hbulme estimation that Delaware Liberal has become what some of us on the left raged against for years. They’ve become the Malkins, the Hannitys, the Coulters, and the O’Reillys. They’ve achieved the power the craved for eight years and they’re using it as a bully pulpit to misrepresent the words of others, as DD and cassandra did in your case, Steve. It’s so obvious that the echoes are so loud over there that they’re drowning out any other voices of reason.

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