Collaborative Film 99% Documents Occupy Protests

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MEDIA ROOTS – I’m very excited to announce that an extensive lot of our footage from Occupy Oakland is going to be used to represent the S.F. Bay Area in the upcoming 99% Collaborative Film Project!  The film is unique in its collaborative fashion and is geared to represent an honest portrayal of the ongoing Occupy Movement.  At 2:18, the film trailer gets slightly sinister with our footage of Oakland’s police state crackdown.  Check it out and donate, so this epic film can be made!



WIREDMost documentaries involve months of planning before the first frame of film is shot, but the creators of an in-the-works Occupy Wall Street documentary didn’t have that luxury. The protest movement was happening around them when they decided to make the film.

Now the filmmakers behind 99% — The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film are looking to raise funds to complete the project. They have footage from 75 filmmakers who captured imagery at various Occupy events across the country, but to finish the project, producers Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites are looking to raise $17,500.

“It’s the amount we need to buy the hard-drive storage and editing space that will allow us to begin the massive process of sorting and editing,” the filmmakers say on the 99% Kickstarter page. “This will get us to the point that we can, at the very least, put together a promo reel to bring in additional funding.”

To drum up additional cash, the filmmakers will be holding an online screening. For $3.99, viewers can buy a ticket to watch early footage. The Jan. 7 screening will be hosted by Ewell and Aites, as well as producer Williams Cole, and will be followed by a question-and-answer period with some of the film’s contributors.

“To my knowledge, this is the first film about a current, ongoing event that’s been made in this collaborative fashion,” Ewell said in a press release announcing the screening. “And the process is devastatingly hard, rewarding and exciting.”

The Kickstarter campaign for 99% ends Jan. 13. Check out the trailer for the documentary above and head over to the 99% website to learn more.

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