Interview with Abby Martin on Dangerous Conversations

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Interview with Abby Martin on Dangerous Conversations by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS – Abby Martin is interviewed by Scott Ledger of Dangerous Conversations about her political awakening, progression into media activism and work with Media Roots, Project Censored and RT TV.  They discuss an array of issues including media censorship, false flag terrorism, the left/right paradigm and moving consciousness forward.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Abby Martin on Dangerous Conversations

  1. I agree with Paul Blair. I watched her today and yesterday during live streaming from the Bilderberg protest. She’s very serious about revealing the corruption of our society, our media, our politics. I love her balanced approach. Beware, Abby! They will dangle big offers.

  2. I find Abby fascinating, a magnificent looking woman that is very strong and intelligent. She is so well spoken and very much awake. I predict that she will be a very sharp sword in the freedom movement in the days to come. I can only hope that she will resist the coming job offers from the main stream media in an effort to prevent her from true mission.

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